Despina Big Data Lab


Despina is the lab on Big Data Analytics at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the Università degli Studi di Torino.We conduct exploratory and applied research into collection, integration, management, and analysis of data related to business, economy, and society.

Despina merges different expertise able to explore on the verge of ICT, social sciences and mathematical sciences to provide first-class theoretical and applied research.

With the fast-evolving technological reality we live in, interest in an area called "Big Data" has increased exponentially, yet no clear definition of what "Big Data" is took shape. For us, Big Data is an articulate emerging framework which allows a different way to improve knowledge and understanding of social and economic phenomena.

Over the last decade, advances in the collection, analysis, and application of data have transformed the way decisions are made in a wide variety of fields. Data-driven economy is not only changing consumer behaviour and business models, but will increasingly affects society and our interaction with real and digital world.